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Jan 3
Juan Carmona Tour 2700 F St NW, Washington, DC 20566
POLLOCK Abrons Arts Center - Underground Theater 466 Grand St, New York, NY 10002
Jan 3
Juan Carmona Tour 423 Central Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

HollyShorts Film Festival

HollyShorts Film Festival is an organization devoted to showcasing the best and brightest short films from around the globe, advancing the careers of filmmakers through screenings, networking events, and various panel and forums. The HollyShorts Film festival showcases the top short films produced 40- minutes or less.  Categories include Short Animation, Short Live Action, Short Documentary, Music Video, Webisode, Commercials, Youth Film and Digital Microbudget.

Recently named an Academy Awards® Qualifying Festival.

French works from HollyShorts officially selected 2018 filmmakers include:

Pantheon Discount by Stéphan Castang
In 2050, medicine is replaced by a machine, the "Sherlock." A kind of super scanner that not only diagnoses but also treats patients depending on the latter's means. The doctor is now nothing more than a financial adviser who offers insurance, private health insurance, and more or less radical solutions.

The Hitchhiker by Julien Decoin
Starring Melanie Laurent as Émilie who leaves Paris behind the wheel of a car she can't drive and hitchhikes the wrong way round, trying to find drivers who will take her to see the sea from the top of the cliffs. A father, a brother, a lover, and a mother, so many characters encountered on the way who remind her of her past and teach her how to sleep, laugh, sing, and make love again.

By Blood (Par le sang) by Jonathan Delerue and Guillaume Enard
Once a ruthless warlord who won his land by his sword, Mort-Lieu is now a sick old man. A mysterious knight appears; Mort-Lieu believes the stranger is Death himself coming to get him. Facing his own end, Mort-Lieu has to confront his legacy and discover inner strength. Starring Pascal Greggory who was twice a nominee for best actor César Award (2001 for Confusion of Genders and 1999 for Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train), and also a César Award nominee for best supporting actor for La Vie en Rose in 2008.

All The Luck In The World by Thomas Vernay
What at first seems to be yet another music video ode to the nostalgic, carefree days of youthful friendships, belies expectations as Parisian director Thomas Vernay makes a pleasantly surprising shift of gears towards the end of all things in Contrails,

Ice Teens by Thomas Vernay
A cohort of compliant girls at an isolated boarding school is indoctrinated into their own demise in this meticulously styled music video commentary on blind obedience and the absurdity of education, made for synthwave artist Maud Geffray.

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