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Icarus Films at 40 @ Metrograph

Image: "Moi, Un Noir" directed by Jean Rouch

In the summer of 1978, Ilan Ziv, fresh off his work helping to organize the first "Middle East Film Festival" in the United States, found himself in possession of a collection of little-seen films and of a passion to expose US audiences to the different points of view that they represented. Towards that end he created the distribution company Icarus Films, helmed since 1980 by Jonathan Miller.

Now, forty years on, Icarus Films remains committed to the founders’ pluralistic, embracing vision of cinema, championing socially and artistically significant films that give voice to marginalized communities and express a vital, dissident version of history that’s not always written by the winners. Beginning September 14 and continuing through October, Metrograph celebrates Icarus Films’ milestone birthday with a program of landmark films from South America, Africa, Europe, and points beyond, a program that includes crucial works by Chantal Akerman, Chris Marker, and the other epochal artists they've represented through the years.

French movie screenings included in this film series

From the East
Directed by: Chantal Akerman
Year: 1993

Directed by: Chantal Akerman
Year: 1999

From the Other Side
Directed by: Chantal Akerman
Year: 2002

Le Joli Mai
Directed by: Pierre Lhomme & Chris Marker
Year: 1963

A Grin Without A Cat
Directed by : Chris Marker
Year: 1977

Moi, Un Noir
Directed by: Jean Rouch
Year: 1958

Ophüls and Godard : the meeting in St Gervais
Directed by: Frederic Choffat & Vincent Lowy
Year: 2010

The Human Pyramid
Directed by: Jean Rouch
Year: 1961

Pierre Bourdieu: Sociology is a Martial Art
Directed by: Pierre Carles
Year: 2001

More screenings and information are available through Metrograph