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Jean-Baptiste Bernadet Exposition at M+B Gallery

Opening on September 15, 2018, the M + B art gallery space in Beverly Hills, California will be showcasing a variety of French artist Jean-Baptiste Bernadet contemporary art work until October 27, 2018.

The M + B art gallery space in Beverly Hills is a contemporary Los Angeles art gallery that primarily focuses and promotes contemporary artists through a variety of mediums ranging from photographs to paintings to drawings and more. The gallery owned by Benjamin Trigano has displayed art from artists such as Mike Brodie, Andrew Brush, Leroy Grannis, Lisa Jack, and now Jean-Baptiste Bernadet.

Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, born in Paris, France in the 70s, currently works in both New York and Brussels. Throughout the past few years his work has been displayed in various solo exhibitions throughout the world in cities such as Paris, Mexico, Miami, London, Brussels, New York City, Marfa, and more.

In addition to his solo exhibitions, the contemporary artist who says his work is heavily influenced by artists like Monet, Vuillard, and Munch, has also exhibited his art in various group shows over the world. Like the artist’s influencers, Bernadet strives to utilise colors in a unique manner in which colors can interact with its viewers through sensory activation methods.