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Visible Light

No. 021, 20:48, Acrylic ink on paper, Cyrielle Gulacsy

From September 13 to October 27, 2018, the SHOW Gallery in Hollywood presents French artist Cyrielle Gulacsy’s first exhibition in color “Visible Light” for the first time in Los Angeles.

Cyrielle Gulacsy is a self-taught Parisian artist who strives to create a connection between art and science. In her latest exhibition, “Visible Light,” Gulacsy incorporates the scientific explanations behind sunsets while capturing the beautiful colors using acrylic ink on paper.

Inspired by California sunsets and sunrises, Gulacsy studies the solar spectrum and the color temperature variables on the sunlight’s interaction with the atmosphere. By using a technique in which she mixes layers of flat tints and abstract pointillism she mimics the wave-particle duality of sunsets and sunrises.

Her exhibition at the SHOW Gallery, a contemporary art space and residency for local and international contemporary artists, will feature a series of her colorful paintings. The series of paintings resemble windows opened to the sky as the colors begin to change with time.