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Yvan Alagbé in Chicago

On the occasion of the invitation of Yvan Alagbé at the Chicago Humanities Festival, the Cultural Services at the Consulate General of France in Chicago and New York Review Comics are organizing a series of encounters in Chicago with school & university's students and public talks at bookstores and the Chicago Book Art Fair.

Yvan Alagbé is one of the most innovative and provocative artists in the world of comics. In the stories gathered in Yellow Negroes and Other Imaginary Creatures—drawn between 1994 and 2011, and never before available in English until this year—he uses stark, endlessly inventive black-and-white brushwork to explore love and race, oppression and escape. It is both an extraordinary experiment in visual storytelling and an essential, deeply personal political statement.

Yvan Alagbé discusses why the graphic form is so well suited to conveying true stories in all their honesty and depth. He has developed a highly distinctive approach to the graphic novel, combining free form, black-and-white brushwork with a stark visual storytelling style to tackle some of the weightiest issues of our time. 

A landmark of French comics, this decades-spanning collection of terse, leery stories sketches the lives of immigrants torn between France and Africa. Yvan Alagbé is an artist of extraordinary empathy and moral clarity, alive to the struggles of people who quietly yearn for dignity or love in their precarious existences.

Yellow Negroes and Other Imaginary Creatures is published by New York Review Comics 

Supported by the Cultural Service at the Consulate General of France in Chicago