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May 28
The Class Embassy of France - La Maison Française 4101 Reservoir Road, NW - Washington, DC
Georges Didi-Huberman Lectures at UCI Critical Theory at UCI Humanities Gateway 1030 Irvine, CA 92697-3375

Animation Show of Shows

This year's annual Animation Show of Shows features 15 thought-provoking, poignant, and very funny animated shorts from around the world.

Be sure to check out the two French films:Grands Canons, a dizzying symphonic celebration of everyday objects that uses finely detailed drawings created by the filmmaker Alain Biet and The Green Bird, a very funny computer animation, winner of a 2018 Gold Student Academy Award® International Animation, which harks back to classic cartoons of the mid-20th century, by Maximilien Bougeois, Quentin Dubois, Marine Goalard, Irina Nguyen and Pierre Perveyrie.

Grands Canons is an extraordinary short film, which celebrates the objects one uses in their everyday life. 
Runtime: 10m42



Inspired by the late animated cartoons of the 1940's and 50's, The Green Bird is an award-winning short film about a bird who will do anything to keep its egg safe.
Runtime: 6m45s

THE 20th ANNUAL ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS returns to theaters across North America and will have its US theatrical premiere at Laemmle Theaters in Los Angeles on December 14th, and at the Quad Cinema in New York on December 28th (many other cities will follow)