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Retrospective of Jacques Tourneur

Image: The Flame and the Arrow

The son of Maurice Tourneur, one of early French cinema’s preeminent directors, Jacques Tourneur ranks among the most fascinating yet most elusive filmmakers of his time. After working as an editor for his father and a director of shorts and B-features at MGM in his adoptive America, Tourneur eventually found a home in Hollywood with the success of his 1942 horror movie Cat People. He went on to make a series of striking low-budget pictures in the 1940s and ’50s: distinct, atmospheric works in a variety of genres (including the landmark 1947 noir Out of the Past), all notable for their wit, irony, and simultaneous precision and ambiguity.

This winter, the Film Society is pleased to present a wide-ranging retrospective of 31 films of Tourneur, the largest in New York City in decades. 

Organized by Dennis Lim and Tyler Wilson in partnership with the Locarno Film Festival, where a Jacques Tourneur retrospective was presented in 2017, curated by Roberto Turigliatto and Rinaldo Censi, in collaboration with the Cinémathèque Française in Paris and the Cinémathèque Suisse in Lausanne.


Selection of 10 Films of the series:


*Out of the Past 

Saturday, December 15, 5:15PM/ Tuesday, December 25, 8:30PM/ Monday, December 31, 9:00PM 

Dir Jacques Tourneur, 1947, 97 min. 35mm

With Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, Kirk Douglas


*Cat people 

Friday, December 14, 7:00 PM/ Saturday, December 22, 9:15 PM

Dir Jacques Tourneur, 1947, 73 min. 35mm

With Simone Simon, Kent Smith, Tom Conway


*I walked with a Zombie 

Friday, December 14, 9:00 PM/ Saturday, December 22, 7:45 PM/ Wednesday, January 2, 9:00 PM

Dir Jacques Tourneur, 1943, 68 min. 35mm

With James Ellison, Frances Dee, Tom Conway


*The Leopard Man

Wednesday, December 19, 9:00 PM/ Tuesday, December 25, 4:45 PM/ Sunday, December 30, 8:15 PM

Dir Jacques Tourneur, 1943, 65 min. 35mm

With Margo, James Bell, Margaret Landry


*The Comedy of Terrors 

Wednesday, December 26, 8:30 PM/ Monday, December 31, 3:30 PM

Dir Jacques Tourneur, 1964, 84 min. 35mm

With Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff


*The Flame and the Arrow

Friday, December 21, 9:00 PM/ Monday, December 31, 5:15 PM

Dir Jacques Tourneur, 1950, 88 min. 35mm

With Nick Cravat, Francis Pierlot, Burt Lancaster



Saturday, December 15, 7:15 PM/ Friday, December 28, 7:00 PM/ Tuesday, January 1, 5:00 PM

Dir Jacques Tourneur, 1957, 78 min. 35mm

With Aldo Ray, Brian Keith, Anne Bancroft


*Berlin Express 

Wednesday, December 19, 7:00 PM/ Tuesday, December 25, 6:30 PM

Dir Jacques Tourneur, 1948, 87 min. 35mm

With Merle Oberon, Robert Ryan, Charles Korvin


*Canyon Passage

Friday, December 21, 7:00 PM/ Monday, December 24, 6:30 PM/ Friday, December 28, 9:00 PM

Dir Jacques Tourneur, 1946, 92 min. 35mm

With Dana Andrews, Brian Donlevy, Susan Hayward


*The Fearmakers

Monday, December 24, 4:30 PM/ Sunday, December 30, 3:00 PM/ Thursday, January 3, 8:45 PM

Dir Jacques Tourneur, 1958, 85 min. 35mm

Dana Andrews, Dick Foran, Marilee Earle 



Full lineup here