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Julien Monnerie's exhibition "Talking Alone"

Julien Monnerie; Aspic 1, 2018; brass, copper and tin; 5 1/4 x 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 in (13.8 x 19.2 x 19.2 cm)

Julien Monnerie is an artist who lives and works in Paris. With a backround in studies at the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris, the École des Beaux-Arts de Rennes, and the Glasgow School of Art, he is presenting an exhibition called  “Talking Alone”. The exhibition is open from February 9 until March 23, 2019 in Los Angeles and is being presented at Bel Ami gallery.

The pieces included as part of this exhibition are all produced in collaboration with various craftspeople. While in Paris, a city he used as a vast studio, Monnerie saw little distinction between wandering the streets and producing artworks. As a result, Monnerie was inspired by people and the skills they use to craft objects that he encountered during his daily life in Paris.

Throughout his exhibition, it becomes evident how certain social codes have become outdated and burdensome due to the pressing demands of everyday life. Consider cufflinks, ornate hats, metal cake molds, and even ordinary keys. These objects were once considered functional accessories, yet today they are impractical and gradually escaping our periphery in place of more productive alternatives.

This trajectory toward purchasing more efficient items, which has been accelerating since the triumph of the free market, has eradicated the existential purpose of a myriad of objects. These objects that are becoming less and less popular now barely survive within certain fields like the luxury industry.

In a world where capitalism consistently renders items in need of replacement, an increasing amount of people seek items that are tangible, local, handmade, and organic. Critics will claim that because of this, the luxury industry has removed certain skills from the accessibility of everyday life, yet Monnerie’s work does not tend toward the exclusive.

This is Monnerie’s first solo exhibition in the United States, so be sure to visit Bel Ami gallery.