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Marc Boutavant

Award-winning author-illustrator Marc Boutavant is coming to New York, New Jersey and Washington, DC to discuss his latest illustrative work, Dumpster Dog!, published by Enchanted Lion, originally written by author Colas Gutman and translated from the original French by Allison Charette.

He smells of sardines, he's covered in fleas, and "smart" isn't exactly how you'd describe him... His name is Dumpster Dog, and now he's decided that it's time to go out into the world to find a master. He's looking for someone to feed him, play with him, and take him on long walks, but soon discovers that good masters are hard to come by and the world has its fair share of dangers. Will Dumpster Dog be able to find the master of his dreams?

Featuring vibrant illustrations from Boutavant, written by Colas Gutman and translated from the French by Allison Charette, Dumpster Dog will be published in January from Enchanted Lion. 

Marc Boutavant is an award-winning author and illustrator. He is known for his bestselling children's series Around the World with Mouk as well as his monthly Ariol comic strip in J'aime lire, a magazine for young readers. Both series have been adapted into animated TV series. Several of his works have been translated into English and published in the United States, including Around the World with Mouk, The Day No One was Angry, and Ecology and the Environment: Step-by-Step.