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May 28
The Class Embassy of France - La Maison Française 4101 Reservoir Road, NW - Washington, DC
Georges Didi-Huberman Lectures at UCI Critical Theory at UCI Humanities Gateway 1030 Irvine, CA 92697-3375

French Literary Evening with Author Arthur Dreyfus and Olivier Barrot

Arthur Dreyfus, winner of the French Young Writer Prize and Orange Book Prize, is the guest of TV journalist Olivier Barrot for a literary evening.

Olivier Barrot is a journalist, author, and television personality who plays a prominent role in French cultural life. Since 1991, he has directed the daily literary program Un livre un jour on French channels France 3 and TV5 MONDE. Besides lending his talents as a professor at numerous universities (Sciences Po Paris, Ecole nationale du théâtre de Montréal, Polytechnique Zurich), Barrot also hosts a series of public discussions with actors on the art of their profession : “Ecole d’acteurs” at the Comédie Française, “Mots en scene” at the Society of Actors, the Ciné-club of the Poche-Montparnasse Theatre (Paris), and “French Classics” at FIAF in New York City.

Since 2007, Barrot has been hosting a monthly scholarly program at New York University called “French Literature in the Making”. He has recently launched “Saison française” at the University of Amsterdam. Aside from United States (Gallimard, 2017), Barrot’s most recently published books include Mitteleuropa, Un livre un jour, un livre toujours, La Revue blanche, Le Fils perdu, Ciné Club, and L’Ami posthume. In his other publications, Barrot writes on numerous themes such as artistic performances, the press, travel.

Arthur Dreyfus, born in 1986, is a French writer, journalist, film director and even magician. He won in 2009 the French Young Writer Prize for his short story Il déserte and has since published several novels as Sans Véronique (2016) and Je ne sais rien de la Corée (2017).