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May 28
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A Dream Which Haunts You Still

Photo of Chaya Czernowin

"Now the sonorities should fade away, grow fainter and dimmer, and you are left simply in the presence of a dream which haunts you still."  - Alfred Cortot (on Schumann's Kinderszenen)

Monday Evening Concerts presents Chaya Czernowin and Robert Schumann: A Dream Which Haunts You Still. This concert will be the fifth concert of the season and will take place on March 25, 2019 at Zipper Hall at The Colburn School

Composer Chaya Czernowin will be presenting her West Coast premiere of HIDDEN for string quartet and electronics. The performance will feature JACK Quartet, which was hailed by the New York Times as the “nation’s most important quartet," and IRCAM, a French institute of science that focuses on music, sound, and avant garde electro-acoustical art music. 

This composition finds companionship with Robert Schumann's transendental Piano Quintet, which will be performed in E-flat major, Op. 44 for a piano and string quartet. Performers include Movses Pogossian (violin), YuEun Kim (violin), Liam Brolly (viola), Coleman Itzkoff (cello), and Marisa Gupta (piano).

Schumann and Czernowin's creations serve as archetypal works of the Romantic and High Modernist eras respectively. Yet together, both appear to employ sound as a means of "yearning for something beyond."

Regarding her new work for string quartet and electronics, Czernowin writes:

"HIDDEN is an attempt to get at what is hidden underneath expression or underneath music. It attempts to reach even further where there is a barely audible presence, which is on the edge of our perception. We do not know this presence, and it might be foreign, undecipherable. HIDDEN is a very slow-moving 45-minute experience transforming the ear into an eye. The ear is given space and time to observe and orient itself in the unpredictable aural landscape. It is an underwater, submerged landscape of rocks, inhabited by low vibrations which are felt rather than heard and with layers and layers of peeling away fog. Monolithic groups of sonic ‘rocks’ are seen/heard from various angles. The piece is about observation; it tries to trace/perceive/sense the emergence of expression." 

Reduce-price tickets are avaliable to students online. Reserve your tickets NOW to save your seat for the concert! 

This exhibition is supported by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and is part of their artistic series, Ceci n’est pas…