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Patrick Boucheron

Patrick Boucheron is a historian and professor of medieval history who has served as President of the Scientific Council at the École française de Rome since 2015. This Spring, Boucheron will come to the US to discuss his book France in the World: A New Global History, an English translation of which is coming soon from Other Press.

Comprised of over 800 pages and spanning 40,000 years of French history, France in the World: A New Global History represents the work of 122 academics under the direction of Patrick Boucheron. A surprise bestseller in France, the book takes a global approach to French history, including non-French elements that have impacted French life. For example, the volume includes essays on the Louis XIV’s 1715 reception of the Persian embassy at Versailles as well as a chapter on Chanel No. 5 that discusses Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, and other American pop culture icons from the 1950s to the 1980s. 

What sets this book apart from other all-encompassing histories is its intended audience--that is, the general public. Each of 146 chronological chapters is only four to five pages long, with transnational themes woven into each. A light-hearted look at history that seeks to illuminate certain moments, as opposed to cover every detail, France in the World: A New Global History shows readers a more open, international interpretation of what made France the country it is today.

Patrick Boucheron is a historian and professor at the Collège de France, specializing in medieval history. He is the author of many works including most recently Conversations sur l’histoire (Verdier, 2012) and Conjurer la peur. Sienne 1338. Essai sur la force politique des images (Seuil, 2013) translated as The Power of Images: Siena, 1338 and published in March 2018 by Polity Books. He has been president of the Scientific Council at the École française de Rome since 2015.