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Jul 21
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Jul 23
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Sunday Afternoon Concerts in the Dome

There exists a passion for comprehension, just as there exists a passion for music.” —Albert Einstein

The 100-inch Telescope dome at Mount Wilson Observatory is the same place where astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered that we are just one of many galaxies in an ever expanding Universe. It is also a 20th century temple to science with acoustics that rival the great cathedrals in Europe. Visit Mount Wilson this year to experience a bit of the awe and wonder this space inspires.

Mount Wilson Observatory welcomes you to their 2019 Sunday Afternoon Concerts in the Dome. This year will be the third season at Mount Wilson Observatory with events such as concerts, “Talks & Telescopes” nights, Engineering Tours, and more.  

Starting on May 5, 2019, there will be a concert celebrating the music of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli: amazing Gypsy Jazz! Ben Powell will play the violin, Roch Lockyer will play the guitar, and Brian Netzley will be on bass. 

On June 2, Leslie Reed, Roger Wilkie, Alma Fernandez, Cécilia Tsan will unite to play pieces from Mozart & Britten Oboe quartets and Beethoven String Trio.

Then, on July 7, music will be performed by Danaë Vlasse, Todd Mason, Bruce Babcock, Mark McEncroe, and Anthony Constantino. This night will compose of world premieres by various composers, including “Neptune,” which was specially composed for the Dome by Danaë Vlasse,
sung by Grammy Winner Hila Plitmann and Sangeeta Kaur. Rachel Mellis, Jacqueline Marshall, Reina Inui, Shea Welsh, and the “Sterling Ensemble,” will also be performing, directed by Michelle Jensen.

There will be additional concerts at the Dome on August 4, September 1, and October 6, 2019. This season of events at Mount Wilson Observatory will be led by French cellist Cécilia Tsan, who serves as the artistic director for the season. Tsan is a seasoned cellist that has played at several concert venues in France, Italy, Switzerland, England, Austria, Germany, Yugoslavia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, US, Japan, and Taiwan.

Be sure to act soon to secure your tickets for Mount Wilson Observatory’s events as part of their 2019 concerts and special events season!