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"Espæce"by Aurélien Bory at BAM

Brooklyn Academy of Music presents Espæce, a new work by Aurélien Bory and Compagnie 111 on June 20 – 22  at 7.30 pm at BAM Howard Gilman Opera House

An enormous moveable wall splits and folds like a book. Five performers—three dancers, a soprano (Claire Lefilliâtre), and an actor (Olivier Martin Salvan)—navigate this imposing monolith to create a shapeshifting tableau. Aurélien Bory’s intrepid work of physical theater is inspired by the life and work of writer-trickster Georges Perec, best known for his wordplay and droll wit. Using Perec’s Species of Spaces as a jumping-off point and diving into a physical riddle of arrivals and departures, presence and absence, Espæce stretches the void of the stage and destabilizes our expectations to moody and mischievous effect.

RUN TIME: 1hr 10min

To know more about Aurélien Bory and his company, click here

About Aurélien Bory

Born in 1972 in Colmar, France, Aurélien Bory is a director and founder of Compagnie 111. He currently lives in Toulouse (France) and works internationally.

Before joining Le Lido, the Circus Arts Center of Toulouse, he studied physics in Strasbourg. After his training, he decided to join the company of Mladen Materic, Tatoo Theater, as an actor-performer. In 2000, he founded Compagnie 111. He develops a «physical theatre» singular and hybrid, a crossbreeding of different arts : circus, dance, theater, visual art and music.

From "La trilogie sur l’espace"  with IJK, Plan B, More or less infinity,  a founding project marked by the collaboration with New York based artist, Phil Soltanoff, to his last creation aSH (2018), and Espæce (2016) created for the 70th edition of Festival d’Avignon, his repertoire of thirteen creations is played in prestigious theatres all over the world. His questioning on space took him to explore new scenes and to invest in new artistic areas such as operas, architecture, urbanism or kinetic art. 

In New York, Bory's work has been presented by The New Victory Theater (Plan B and IJK), and then, by BAM several times (The 7 Boards of SkillsSans Objet, and recently Plexus, a collaboration with the performer-dancer Kaori Ito) 

About Georges Perec

Georges Perec (1936 – 1982) was a French novelist, filmmaker, documentalist, and essayist. He was a member of the Oulipo group dedicated to the development of new forms of literature. Orphan at an early age (His father died as a soldier early in the Second World War and his mother was killed in concentration camp), many of his works deal with absence, loss, and identity.