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This July on ARTE

Image: "The Women of Daesh", available on ARTE

This July, on the ARTE in English website, learn about the situation under the Islamic State from a women’s perspective. Discover the incredible world of yoga in India. Or enjoy the unique living room concert of Mumford & Sons in the suburbs of Paris.

These programs are part of ARTE's monthly highlights but that’s not all. A large selection of refreshing documentaries, investigative reports and stunning concerts awaits you and is available worldwide with English subtitles.

ARTE, the European culture channel, presents a selection of its best programs with English subtitles on the ARTE in English website.


Mumford & Sons – Living Room Concert

After their arena gig at the Zenith in Paris, Mumford & Sons took a cab to the suburbs to play an intimate living room gig for a few lucky fans.


The Women of Daesh

It was long thought that women in Islamic State were victims, forced to obey their husbands. But this idea is simplistic. Those who agreed to speak on camera were fully integrated into the terror regime giving a shocking insight into how it worked. These women are now mostly in hiding and are trying to forget their painful and often shameful pasts.


Coimbatore –  A Healthy Body and Soul
Yoga in India – A Journey with Esther Schweins

German actress Ester Schweins has practiced yoga since she was 12 years old. She visits Isha Yoga Centre where people come from the world over to learn yoga and attain self-transformation.


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