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Blockchain and Cinema: Developments, Opportunities, Challenges

A conference on Blockchain Technology and its impact on the film industry will be held during the American Film Market on Tuesday, November 12 from 9:30 am to 11 am at Venice Stage, Loews Hotel 

This session will focus on the opportunities of blockchain technology for movie making and how it is re-shaping the face of the creative industries, proposed by Patrice Poujol (Lumiere, Hong-Kong) and Manuel Badel (Badel Media, Montreal). This talk will study recent developments related to efficiency and transparency in rights management, as well as demystify blockchain technology and critically look at how it could be used and further implemented and monetized in film financing, production, and distribution.

It will be a unique opportunity to hear two exceptional guests:

Manuel Badel, Founder & President, Badel Media


Dr. Patrice Poujol, Founder & CEO, Lumiere; ACIM Lab Senior Research Fellow, City University of Hong Kong

They will highlight how Blockchain technology is creating opportunities for filmmaking and re-shaping the face of the creative industries. Indeed, over the last 4 years, Patrice Poujol and Manuel Badel have both developed projects and conducted research, in Asia and Canada, focused on the adoption of blockchain in media sectors. This session will be the opportunity to present the very recent and practical example of “Papicha”, an international coproduction between France, Algeria and Belgium, which was for the first time in cinema history, digitally co-financed and securitised. It will also explore how blockchain can be used in film financing, production, and distribution.

PAPICHA by Mounia Meddour


Dr. Patrice Poujol

Patrice is an EnTech research expert and a film practitioner. He has 8-year experience in the financial sector and movie finance and 12-year experience as a creative consultant and producer in the movie industry. In 2018, he obtained the first PhD worldwide on the integration of blockchain technology in Creative Media (CityU Hong Kong) through an academic exchange with UCLA and a participation in the MEFTI programme organised by MIT. Patrice is a member of the Hong Kong Internet Governance Forum (HKIGF) and EnTech public policy postdoctoral research fellow at the centre for Applied Computing and Interactive Media (ACIM – CityU). His book "Online Film Production in China Using Blockchain and Smart Contracts" was published by Springer in March 2019. Patrice is the founder and CEO of the Lumière (芦 明) which has exclusively partnered with Finfabrik to create a series of film finance tools aimed to facilitate access to film funding for independent producers, to increase transparency for all the creative agents involved, and to reduce investment risk for film financiers. Their first tokenised film 'Papicha' was selected by the Cannes film festival and it is Algeria's nomination for Best International Feature Film for the Oscars.

Manuel Badel

Manuel has worked for 18 years in film, TV and digital media sectors, and has started to explore, understand and experiment blockchain applications in our industry 4 years ago. In this spirit, in 2016-17, Manuel initiated, with his client Groupe Média TFO, Blockchain TFO, the first experimentation in the Canadian broadcasting sector. Early 2018, mandated by Telefilm Canada, he designed and organized the first conference on blockchain in a major film festival (Berlinale-European Film Market). In May 2019, his research on blockchain and media industries was published. A first in Canada. He is now an internationally recognized speaker and gives conferences in major industry events on a regular basis. Prior to founding Badel Media, Manuel worked as a senior advisor and manager at Telefilm Canada for digital projects financing as well as industry initiatives and policies. He was then Deputy Director for the administration of CMF programs, continuing with the positions of Director of the AQPM Web Sector (Quebec producers association), and Director of Film, Television and Production Tax Credits at SODEC (Quebec public body).