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Interview with Eric Viennot

On the occasion of a special presentation on ALT_MINDS and the Art of French Transmediawe spoke with Lexis Numérique co-founder and creator of ALT_MINDS Eric Viennot about his newest project.


With In Memoriam, launched in 2003, you were already using the internet as a way to involve the players in the storytelling, what are the new features you developed for ALT_MINDS ?

10 years after launching In Memoriam, the biggest challenge for me was to succeed in going further regarding immersion and players' contribution. In order to do that, we wanted to use the latest internet technologies, especially social networks, to offer a greater internet community experience.

We couldn't do it without including mobile phone in the gameplay and using a geo-localization app. In other words, we had to think about a more ambitious strategy. But, in the meantime, the game had to remain easy to use and include every media in a logical way regarding the whole story.

Can you tell us about the process of creating such a complex project ?

The problem with this type of project is the experimental aspect. We had to create a new way of storytelling. A transmedia project needs various skills : storytelling, gamedesign, webdesign, film direction, web marketing...

Luckily, thanks to more than 10 years dedicated to transmedia, Lexis Numérique studio, which I manage, has integrated all of those skills.The next step is to coordinate everything in a global vision. That's why I could say I'm a « story architect » and my job is to coordinate the whole project, with logical interactions, which I try to make surprising and full of emotions.

What would you consider as the upcoming challenges for the transmedia creators ? 

The biggest challenge will be to integrate real time into the story, to make it more addictive and to have the players be fully part of it. In order to do so, they would have to become real actors who could eventually change the storyline. Basically, we are trying to create a new generation of storytelling including a deep community feeling and a more interactive aspect.


Translation by Ludivine Lebec


ALT_MINDS and the Art of French Transmedia, organized by The Lincoln Society of Lincoln Center and Unifrance Films, will take place at Licoln Center in New York City on March 2, 2013.