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Mauvais Sang revival with Vincent Paul Boncour

On November 29, 2013, a new release of previously unseen restoration of MAUVAIS SANG will be released in the US by Carlotta Films US.

Carlotta Films US focuses on independent film revivals in theaters and film festivals as well as on DVD, Blu-ray, VOD and TV.

On this occasion, we asked a few questions to Vincent Paul-Boncour, founder of Carlotta Films.

Florence Almozini : we are thrilled to see that your distribution company Carlotta is setting up an American branch, Carlotta Films US this fall. Can you tell us about your motivations to start a distribution company here and what is the focus behind the films you chose to distribute?

Vincent Paul-Boncourt : CARLOTTA FILMS, a French independent company, has been promoting heritage cinema for 15 years, re-releasing restored classic films, cult films from the 70-80s, and also working specifically with young audiences.

Since its creation, CARLOTTA FILMS has steadily developed and supported every technological evolution, and released or re-released heritage films, using every medium: theatrical distribution, festivals attendance, DVD and Blu-ray editions, its own VoD platform (www.carlottavod.com), VoD distribution on major platforms, and more recently also an International Sales Section specialized on Independent Heritage Film.

With its work on Cinema History, the discovery of new horizons and new audience, CARLOTTA FILMS has decided to create his own company in USA, CARLOTTA FILMS US, in order to develop, with the same spirit as in France, an activity of distribution, specialized on revivals, with release on Theaters, Dvd, Blu-ray, Vod, Tv, on the American territory.

CARLOTTA FILMS US wishes to position itself on a complementary way as the already existing independent american companies, who are doing a great job on Cinema History (both on theaters and Dvd/Blu-ray). To do an important work on independent revivals and more especially, but not only, French films, more especially from the 70's-80's-90's, and to work on all media, starting with theatrical releases, festivals, then Dvd/Blu-ray/VoD and Tv.

And to create from one side to the other side of the Atlantic, bridges-links about Cinema History between France and America, with similar, different and new audience.

FA : Your first French theatrical release under Carlotta Films US is MAUVAIS SANG, Leos Carax's second film, and a masterpiece in our opinion. How did you get to work on the film restoration and re-release of this cult film?

V P-B : I grow up with Carax films, more especially MAUVAIS SANG and LES AMANTS DU PONT NEUF. Leos Carax is really according to me, and many French historian journalist and cinephile, one of the most important director of the 80’s, and of these three last decades. His comeback last year with HOLY MOTORS, after almost 10 years of absence, proved if necessary that he’s still nowdays one of the best director in France and of his generation.

Nevertheless, titles such BOY MEETS GIRL and MAUVAIS SANG became difficult to see, more especially on theaters and with good elements.

The sale agent FILMS DISTRIBUTION did a great job beginning of this year with the restoration of the films on high definition, with a restoration approved by the director himself.

We acquired and signed at the latest Cannes Film Festival these 2 first CARAX films, US rights only (French rights being already on license with other distributor), and we started to work on these films, with the idea to give a new life, in USA, first on theaters, then on dvd/blu-ray, vod and tv. Our will was to launch these 2 restorations in great Film Festival in US, we proposed them to Kent Jones, new artistic director of The New-York Film Festival. Thrilled about the idea, he selected them part of the program Revival. So, CARLOTTA FILMS US and these 2 films started their life / new life at the NYFF, last October.

Right now, we’re focus first on the revival of the films on the big screen, starting with MAUVAIS SANG, that we will be released next week, for a one week run at Film Forum, November 29, thanks to Bruce Goldstein, programmer of FF revivals & repertory.

FA : We now expect to see a lot more exciting French releases coming from you. Can you share with us a few of the other titles you will be bringing to this side of the Atlantic? 

V P-B : After MAUVAIS SANG we will release in 2014 the other Leos Carax we acquired, his first feature film BOY MEETS GIRLS, also restored by FILMS DISTRIBUTION. Less known, it shall be a real discovery, a film filled of poetry, shoot with an amazing energy, with his alter ego actor Denis LAVANT, in a beautiful black and white.

Our goal is not only to release French classic films. For example, we will release in 2014 one of Orson WELLES masterpiece : OTHELLO, in a brand new restoration.

But I could give you a scoop reg another upcoming work on French cinema, after the Carax films. We just licensed the film Y-AURA-T-IL DE LA NEIGE A NOEL?, a beautiful film directed by Sandrine VEYSSET, made in 1996, which has a been a smashed hit in France and revealed this woman director, her first film. The film will be fully restored, we represented worldwide rights, and we will release it in France and US at fall 2014.