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Digital Cultures: Week In Review

People often think of the digital and cultural industries as separate spheres, but this week highlighted the immense potential for collaboration between the two. From a project to digitize renaissance books to an app that keeps you up to date on the latest “Game of Thrones” chatter, here’s what you need to know.

Cultural creators and the digital sector prove easy allies 

In France and around the world, cultural institutions are finding the digital revolution to be an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

The majority of today’s growth in Europe’s creative industries is digital. “The digital future of creative Europe,” a report released in 2013 and updated for 2015 by the firm Strategy&, explains that the digitization of Europe's economy has helped promote Europe's cultural industries: between 2003 and 2013, revenue gains in the digital sector of the creative economy more than made up for lost revenue in the non-digital sector. The report’s authors suggest that the information flows facilitated by digitalization have benefitted the creative industry’s content creators and smaller players by making marketing and distribution more efficient.

And digital technology has benefited cultural creators in more ways than one. On July 20th, New York University’s Fales Library and Special Collection announced that it had acquired the archives of the online art journal Triple Canopy, ensuring that they remain available and intact even as digital technology evolves. New issues of the journal will be added to the library’s files as issues are released.

Meanwhile, the Bibliothèque nationale de France , France’s national library, has recently undertaken a series of its own major digitization projects. Through partnerships with private archiving services, the library has begun digitizing 70,000 books from between 1470 and 1700 and 200,000 vinyl records from before 1962. The Bibliothèque nationale also plans to make many of its digitized films, audio recordings and films available online.

Digital culture conference in Ax-Les Thermes

This August, Toulouse II and Toulouse III universities will hosts the 12th edition of the international scientific conference Ludovia. The theme of this year’s colloquium, which will take place from August 24th to 26th in Ax-les-Thermes, is “Digital objects: ownership and misappropriation.” The program will consist of workshops, seminars and a speaker series, and will touch on themes of digital ownership in education, research and the marketplace.

5th edition of Lady Pitch Night in Europe

The 5th edition of Lady Pitch Night in Paris will take place on October 7th, 2015. Organized by Girls in Tech, the event aims to highlight and support the efforts of female entrepreneurs in Europe, and will feature notable speakers followed by a juried pitch competition.  Applications are open until July 31st for European startups that have at least one woman among their founders.

French app TV-Show Time launches a major update.

The French app TV Show Time has released a major update. What started as a simple calendar to keep track of airtimes has since become a forum for TV addicts worldwide (including in the United States), and the new update makes it easier for the app’s 500,000 monthly users to share memes and thoughts about shows they’ve recently watched. What’s more, because the app tracks your progress through a series, it can protect you from spoilers posted by fans farther ahead than you are!

In case you missed it:

French nonprofit Bibliothèques Sans Frontières recently deployed one of its deployed one of its innovative "Ideas Box" pop-up libraries in Hayden Lord Park in the Bronx. If they can raise enough money, they’ll leave it here all year, and someone has already launched an IndieGoGo campaign to keep the Ideas Box in the Bronx.

Applications remain open until August 16th for the first session of the French-American Digital Lab, which will take place in New York from November 16-25th, 2015. The first session is open to French early-stage startups and content creators in the cultural sector. You can read an article about the Digital Lab from Maddyness