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Oct 21
US Tour | Christiane Taubira Oct 20-Nov 1, 2017 University of Minnesota, Cowles Auditorium, Humphrey Center, 301 19th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55455

North Pole Expedition Documentary 'into The Cold' Now Available On Vod And Dvd

Explorer, environmental advocate and photographer, Sebastian Copeland  and partner Keith Heger venture more than 400 miles on foot through sub-zero temperatures on the frozen ice cap of the Arctic with only courage and determination to see them through a harrowing two-month journey to the North Pole. 

A moving story of endurance and commitment, this Tribeca Film Festival pick  Into The Cold: A Journey of the Soul delves into the depth of the soul against the backdrop of the magnificent Great North. Rarely has this part of the world been portrayed in such vivid and personal detail. Using the centennial of Admiral Peary’s 1909 reach as a touchstone, Into The Cold captures this rapidly vanishing environment while simultaneously transporting us into the mind of an individual facing insurmountable odds, celebrating Man’s communion with Nature, and underlying the poignant message: if the Great North goes, so does humanity.

"Pay attention, this is an important film!” - Ridley Scott, Film Director (Blade Runner, Gladiator)"One of the five Must-See films of the [Tribeca Film] festival" - The Hollywood Reporter 

PRODUCED & DIRECTED BY: Sebastian Copeland

GENRE(S): Exploration, Nature, Travel, Sports, Ecology

RUNTIME: (87 min)Now available on iTunesXBOX Live, and Vudu ( http://goo.gl/ygoc0)

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