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Five French Tv Shows That Will Save You Over The Holidays!

The Film, TV and New Media Department at the French Embassy has put together a list of French TV shows that are sure to brighten your holidays! 

Bonnes fêtes!

1. The Returned (Les revenants) 

An international success and recent winner of an International Emmy, The Returned  is a new kind of thriller. 

Set in Annecy, a French mountain town, the narrative follows a seemingly random collection of people who attempt to regain their homes and reclaim their lives without realizing that they’ve been dead for years and that nobody has been waiting for their return.

• Available on Sundance Channel• 1 season – 52min A second season, as well as an American remake are on the way!

2. Spiral (Engrenages)

Another international success with an American remake on its way, Spiral is a police show that offers a fascinating glimpse into the workings of the of French Justice System. 

When the naked body of a young girl is discovered in a dumpster, the young deputy prosecutor Pierre Clement starts a police investigation that involves a police captain, a judge and an ambitious lawyer.

• 4 seasons – 52 min• Season 1-3 available on Netflix

3. Un village français

Currently only available in France, Un village français is a period drama that mixes history with personal stories set in a small village under Nazi occupation during WWII.

• 5 seasons – 52 min• Only available in France

4. Fais pas ci fais pas ça

A French situational comedy about two model families with different backgrounds. The Boulay's are laid back, the Lepic's with four children, are strict. 

• 5 seasons – 52 min

5. Kabul Kitchen

Last but not least, Kabul Kitchen set in Kabul is full of sun and humor if you're feeling cold over this winter holiday. The series tells the story of Jacky, boss of Kabul Kitchen, the only restaurant where expatriates can party in the heart of Kabul, with alcohol, a pool and girls in swimsuits.But he has not seen his daughter for 20 years. Also in Kabul, she came to do humanitarian. He is there to make money.

• 1 season – 26 min • 2nd season currently shooting