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Moma Acquires French Video Game

The Museum of Modern Art in New York recently acquired a selection of 14 video games and hopes to reach 40 titles in the near future. The initial collection, which includes Another World (1991) by French video game creator Eric Chahi, is currently on view as part of the Applied Design exhibition in the museum’s Philip Johnson Galleries.

Another World is a cinematic platformer game in which the main character jumps and runs from platform to platform to avoid obstacles and keep moving forward. The player controls the central character, Lester (a human physicist displaced to an alien planet by an experiment gone awry), who can move forward, jump, or fight using his multi-function weapon. The game ends if either Lester or his alien friend is shot. In order to make the game more immersive, there are no controls or menu bars displayed on the screen. As a result, the player is fully involved in Another World's minimal, uncanny atmosphere. Having developed the game independently, Chahi retained almost complete creative control allowing him to make these kinds of unorthodox choices about the aesthetic and user interface.

More information at Museum of Modern Art