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French Film School, La Fémis Launches New Tv Centered Training Program

In response to the remarkable success of TV series in recent years, programs dedicated to the field have begun to spring up in film schools from Germany to LA. One such program in Paris is scheduled to open this year at the prestigious French film school, La Fémis.

The program, initiated by Marc Nicolas, director of la Fémis, will address what Nicolas referred to as “France being behind the curve when it comes to TV script writing”. The first round of admissions exams are scheduled to take place July 8, 2013, with twelve positions open to aspiring young writers with a background in television, theater, comics or film writing in the shortlist for the first round of exams.

Industry professionals such as Emmanuel Daucé (producer, Un village français), Franck Philippon (screenwriter, Maison Close) and Frank Pugliese (screenwriter, Borgia and Homicide: Life on the Street) will oversee the program. The year-long training program in writing and audiovisual production will also offer students the opportunity to travel and meet English-speaking producers. In order to obtain their degree, students must complete two writing projects and direct two episodes of a series, one original, the other inspired by an already existing series.