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Women's Day 2017 French Movie Selections From Under The Milky Way

Already available on VOD platforms. - Womens day? Under the milky way’s best Women’s Day French movies. The main protagonists are all women but all very different; from brave resistants during WWII to audacious and extravagantly funny.

Female Agents (Les Femmes de l’ombre)

Director:  Jean-Paul Salome

Writer: Jean-Paul Salome, Laurent Vachaud

Actors: Sophie Marceau, Julie Depardieu, Deborah Francois, Marie Gillain, Maya Sansa

May 1944. A five-woman commando unit parachutes into occupied France on a daring and dangerous mission to protect the secret of the D-Day Landings and eliminate Colonel Heindrich, the head of German counter-intelligence.

The story is inspired by the accomplishments of decorated SOE agent Lisé de Baissac and performed by an impressive cast of French actresses.

LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

Director: Lisa Azuelos

Writer: Lisa Azuelos, Nans Delgado

Actors: Sophie Marceau, Christa Theret, Lou Lesage, Pierre Niney, Felix Moati

LOL means “laughing out loud” in text language. It is also the name that Lola’s friends have given her. However, when it is time to go back to school after summer break, Lola doesn’t feel much like laughing. Arthur, her boyfriend, provokes her by telling her that he cheated on her over the summer. And her gang of pals is very gifted at complicating matters. Just like her mother, Anne, with whom life has become impossible, and not only because she has no idea what LOL means. That her parents have divorced is one thing, but that Anne treats her teenage daughter like a child, by lying to her about basic things – like the fact that she is still seeing her ex-partner on the sly, or that a cop is interested in her – is another. As for Anne, she wonders what on earth has happened to her sweet little daughter.

From fusion to confusion, mother-daughter relationships simmer with love and plenty of LOL.

All that Glitters (Tout ce qui brille)

Director: Hervé Mimran, Géraldine Nakache

Writer: Hervé Mimran, Géraldine Nakache

Actors: Leïla Bekhti, Géraldine Nakache, Virginie Ledoyen

Who has never been ashamed of Mom’s new hairdo? Dad’s bad jokes? a childhood friend who obviously doesn’t get it? Lila and Ely live just the other side of the bridge from Paris and they share dreams of a new life across the river, in the upscale and glamorous metropolis.

Through a series of subterfuge and lies, they attempt to pass seamlessly into a world that is not their own, a world of luxury where anything is possible. But all that glitters is not gold…

Odette Toutlemonde

Director: Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Writer: Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Actors: Catherine Frot, Albert Dupontel, Jacques Weber

Odette Toulemonde (Odette Everybody) has no objective reason to be happy, but she is. Balthazar Balsan has all it takes to be happy, but he’s not. Odette, in her awkward 40s, between her luscious hairdresser son and her teenage daughter stuck in puberty, works by day selling make-up in a department store and by night sewing feathers on costumes for the girls of Parisian cabarets. She dreams of thanking Balthazar Balsan, her favorite writer, for the optimism which she believes emanates from him. The wealthy and seductive writer is going to land in her life in a totally unexpected way. The story of a meeting between two unusual castaways who have nothing in common…

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt makes Odette Toulemonde a modern Mother Teresa with a touch of Amelie Poulain! Catherine Frot puts all her talent and energy to charm the viewer and make us understand how difficult it is to resist such a tornado of vitality and kindness.

A Rock The Casbah

Director: Laïla Marrakchi

Writer: Laïla Marrakchi

Actors: Morjana Alaoui, Nadine Labaki, Hiam Abbass

Summer in Tangiers. Three sisters come together for three days in their home following the death of the father to share their memories and to grieve his loss. The emotions are further heightened since this man left behind him an entirely female immediate family. Sparks start to fly when Sofia jets in from New York after several years away. The youngest daughter, she made a new life for herself as an actress in America, but she only ever gets roles as terrorist in US series. Her return provides the opportunity to settle old scores with her sisters, as the order once maintained by the patriarch breaks down. Between laughter and tears, a collective hysteria leads each of the women to face up to some home truths.

Whatever Lola wants

Director: Nabil Ayouch

Writer: Nabil Ayouch, Jane Hawksley, Nathalie Saugeon

Actors: Laura Ramseyt, Carmen Lebbos, Assaad Bouab, Hichem Rostom

Lola is struggling to pursue her dream of becoming a dancer in New York, but the auditions are disheartening and the rejections are piling up. By chance, during one of many evenings she spends commiserating with Yussef, her gay Egyptian neighbor, she’s captivated when he shows her an old video featuring the seductive belly dancing of Ismahan, one of Egypt’s biggest stars. Fate soon intervenes again when Lola happens to meet Zach, a handsome Egyptian attending business school in the United States. The two start a whirlwind romance, and through a series of twists, Lola finds herself in Cairo, where she decides to track down the reclusive Ismahan for lessons. There she learns not only the secrets of oriental dance but also the secret of Ismahan’s mysterious past.

Parisienne (Peur de Rien)

Director: Danielle Arbid

Writer: Danielle Arbid, Julie Peyr

Actors: Manal Issa, Vincent Lacoste, Paul Hamy, Dominique Blanc

The 1990s. Eighteen-year-old Lina arrives in Paris to study. She has come to find what she has never found in her homeland of Lebanon: a certain kind of freedom. With her survival instinct as her only luggage, she floats around Paris to the rhythm of her love affairs. Because, when you are eighteen years old, you dream of embracing the whole world and not just a single boy.

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