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Show your Solidarity with Puerto Rico!

Nearly 1 month after the impact of two devastating hurricanes –Irma and Maria- Puerto Rico continues to struggle with dire conditions of life: lack of water, electricity, gas, and communication networks.

As a non-profit Institution and Cultural Center, The Alliance Francaise of Puero- Rico is collaborating with local Associations to bring help to the community. For example, it is opening its facilities as a recollection center for canned food, flashlights, batteries, portable fans, water and redirecting them to communities in need or local efforts such as Mano a Mano ayudando a Puerto Rico, who are working on the preparation of hot meals and delivery to multiple communities.

The Alliance, through its European Film Festival, will also start to provide free cultural activities to refugees, organizing movie nights in refugees centers around the island.

In order to continue to provide these services, the Alliance Francaise reaches out for your help in two different ways:

1) Monetary donation for the purchase of food, batteries, flash/lights/lanterns/portable fans/personal solar panels and other basic supplies for communities in need

2) Monetary donation to ensure the restoration of its services.

Although the Alliance Française of Puerto Rico has been lucky enough to claim minor material damage, it has had no electricity since September 6, date of the first hurricane. The power outage is likely to last for months, as the island network is badly damaged. The Alliance is struggling to restore its activities, with the goal of reopening classes in the following weeks. In order to do so, the Alliance of Porto-Rico urgently needs to buy an electricity generator that would allow it to resume classes. The cost of such an engine is estimated to 30, 000$, but the treasury of the Alliance is unable to cover such an expense at the moment, putting the very existence of the Alliance at risk. To face these exceptional situations of emergency, we are calling for your help, in this time of crisis, to ensure that it can continue its linguistic and cultural missions.

To help with the purchase of basic supplies for communities in need you can make a donation to this account:

Alliance Francaise Puerto Rico
206 Rosario St, San Juan PR 00911
Banco Popular de Puerto Rico,Calle Loiza Branch
San Juan PR 00911Routing number: 021502011
Account number: 015358615

To help with the purchase of an electricity generator for the Alliance Francaise you can make a donation to this account:

Alliance Francaise Puerto Rico
206 Rosario St
San Juan PR 00911Banco Popular de Puerto Rico
Calle Loiza BranchSan Juan PR 00911
Routing number: 021502011
Account number: 015-008363

If you need a receipt of 501C3 for tax deductions, we kindly invite you to forward all donations to AF New Orleans, that has accepted to act as fiscal sponsor for the fundraiser, within the strict respect of the American fiscal law.

Please notify in the transfer form which of the 2 options you want to contribute.

Name on Account: Alliance Francaise de la Nouvelle Orleans
Chase Checking Account: Acct # 731603114
Routing # 065400137

We appreciate your help!