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Last Minute Film Gifts For The Holidays!

Image: "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" directed by Jacques Demy

If you are still struggling with gifts ideas for your aunt, significant other or teenager nephew, here are some film-related suggestions from the Film department of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy. 

Happy Holidays ! 

Contempt (Le mépris), the manuscript

Paul Javal, a young French playwright who has found commercial success in Rome, accepts an offer from vulgar American producer Jeremy Prokosch to rework the script for German director Fritz Lang's screen adaptation of The Odyssey.

This luxury edition, written by Jean-Luc Godard, includes the original screeplay of the film: 59 handwritten pages and 24 typewritten pages corrected by the filmmaker himself.

Available at Albertine Bookstore - Limited edition, 1,000 numbered copies

Fashion & Cinema, by Véronique Lebris

A fascinating journey through the history of fashion and cinema, this book retraces the history of mythical collaborations by offering more than 40 portraits of actresses who have jostled styles, launched fashions, and have emulated models of elegance. Richly illustrated with film and photographs, as well as sketches, Fashion & Cinema will seduce both fashion and cinema buffs!

Available at Albertine Bookstore

François Truffaut by Lillian Ross

This volume of 40 pages contains five New Yorker "Talk of the Town" pieces by Lillian Ross, each of which follow François Truffaut during five visits to New York between 1960 and 1976, on occasions of the New York Film Critics Circle Awards and New York Film Festivals. 

Lillian Ross was a staff writer at The New Yorker. She wrote often about moviemakers—including Clint Eastwood, Federico Fellini, Akira Kurosawa, Oliver Stone, Tommy Lee Jones, Wes Anderson, and Francis Ford Coppola.  John Huston was the main character in her classic book, Picture, about the making of the 1951 film The Red Badge of Courage. The book, still in print, is generally acknowledged to be the first time a long factual story was written—the interrelationship of Huston, the director, Gottfried Reinhardt, the producer, Dore Schary, the M-G-M production head and Louis B. Mayer, head of the studio as the main novelistic characters—in fictional form. Lillian Ross lived in Manhattan and passed away in 2017 at age 99.

Available at Albertine Bookstore

L'enfant secret, Philippe Garrel 

A collection of writings on Philippe Garrel's L'Enfant secret.  Includes:

- "The Wademant Notebook." Pre-screenplay for L'Enfant secret by Philippe Garrel. Translated into English for the first time by Nicholas Elliott.

 - "On L'Enfant secret."  An interview with Philippe Garrel by Alain Philippon from Cahiers du Cinéma, 1983.  Translated into English for the first time by Nicholas Elliott.

 - "Garden of Stone: Philippe Garrel's L'Enfant secret."  An essay by Adrian Martin, newly updated by the author.

 - "L'Enfant secret - Philippe Garrel." - An essay by Serge Daney, new English translation by Nicholas Elliott.

Available at Albertine Bookstore

Le Samouraï, directed by Jean-Pierre Melville 

In a career-defining performance, Alain Delon plays Jef Costello, a contract killer with samurai instincts. After carrying out a flawlessly planned hit, Jef finds himself caught between a persistent police investigator and a ruthless employer, and not even his armor of fedora and trench coat can protect him. An elegantly stylized masterpiece of cool by maverick director Jean‑Pierre Melville, Le samouraï is a razor-sharp cocktail of 1940s American gangster cinema and 1960s French pop culture—with a liberal dose of Japanese lone-warrior mythology.

Available in Blu-ray and DVD, on Criterion Collection


Traverser, Raymond Depardon 

"Never stops the idea of ​​a photograph, an image to make, the memory of a light, the surprise of a frame, never rest for the quest for a photographic happiness." Raymond Depardon

Writer, photographer and director, the man seems limitless. He paced all the paths of the photography of the real, from the first stammering steps in the Garet Farm, to the hideouts of celebrities, from the reportage for the press to the documentary of author. At Depardon, writing and photography offer two very different temporalities that he has often sought to make coexist. It is for him to "make images a bit mundane, quiet, without particular eloquence, but loaded with feeling", which will lead alternately in the voluntary wandering and / or in the production of a specific archive to share for future times.

Available at Albertine Bookstore 

Tiens ferme ta couronne, 2017 prix Médicis 

While no film producer seems interested by his script on Herman Melville's life, the narrator meets in New York City the famous filmmaker Michael Cimino, director of The Deer Hunter and Heaven's Gate. From there, he will enter a journey full of incredible adventures, and meet Isabelle Huppert, a dalmatian named Sabbat and a diabolical neighbour, among others. In between literature and cinema, where does the sparkling truth lie?

French writer Yannick Haenel won the latest Prix Médicis book award for this novel.

Available at Albertine Bookstore

New York Stories, by Sofilm magazine 

New York is one of the most famous cities when it comes to cinema, the playground of Woody Allen's loquacious dredgers, as well as the haunt of scammed anti-heroes of Scorsese and Abel Ferrara, gangs and mafia. New York is also a mosaic of neighborhoods: the Bronx of the Warriors of the Night, the Brooklyn of Do the Right Thing, the Little Italy of Mean Streets... It is finally where Brian De Palma, Wes Anderson, Jim Jarmusch and James Gray walked the streets and built their film knowledge. New York City is a cinema maze, whiche becomes even better if you get lost inside it. In between stories of cult movies, exclusive portraits and big interviews, the magazine Sofilm offers to relate cinema in the Big Apple as you have never read it.

Available at Albertine Bookstore