French Apps for the Holidays!

December 16, 2013 | By Pervenche Beurier

In the past few years, France has become a hub for mobile app creators, releasing a host of noteworthy games, reference and productivity apps. We've chosen a few recent highlights to help you stay connected with France this holiday season.

Combining typography with whimsical side-scrolling action, Type:Rider [ios and android] is perhaps the most popular French app today. Each level is based on a particular font, with individual letters providing the topography. With detailed backgrounds drawn from each font's historical era and addictive gameplay, you don't have to be a typesetter to appreciate Type:Rider.

Of course, for many, the holiday season will be filled with cooking, decorating, and party planning. Improve your French and get news from around the world while prepping that holiday feast with RFI App [ios], Radio France International's official app. Beginning French-speakers should be sure to catch the Journal en Français facile. There are English language broadcasts as well. Radio France's domestic French broadcasts are available as well, through the Radio France [ios and android]. You can also stream an array of music concerts with Arte Live Web [ios and android]. For a bit of comedy, download Norman fait des vidéos [ios and android] to stream French blogger and comedian Norman Thavaud's videos anytime.


Finally, if you're looking to add some French cuisine to your winter meals, check out Marmiton [ios and android] (French only) for an excellent collection of recipes.

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