TechCrunch Looks at Tech à la française!

January 29, 2014 | By French Culture

"What's missing?" TechCrunch writer Romain Dillet repeats this question throughout his article, Welcome to the French Tech Ecosystem, the first piece in an ongoing series on the tech industry in the country. His answer, "Not much," at least on the French side of things. France he observes, is quickly becoming a major force in the technology industry, with a wealth of startups, uniquely advantageous tax and employment laws, and a strong educational system. Among the many young companies he highlights are video sharing app Mindie and Bunkr an app that aims to "kill PowerPoint."

The only thing that's really missing Dillet points out, is awareness. Both on the part of potential investors and the general public. He attributes some of this to the language barrier. Unlike Berlin, for example, there are relatively few people reporting on the tech scene in France in English. With a growing number of impressive startups and coverage like Dillet's this situation may change sooner rather than later. Keep an eye on TechCrunch to see what more "hidden gems" Dillet uncovers in the hexagon!

Read Romain Dillet's article on TechCrunch here

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