Recent releases

Modern Life

Directed by Raymond Depardon | Written by Raymond Depardon
The Cévennes region in southern France is a region of hilly passes, lonely farms and lonelier farmers. There we are introduced to aged bachelor brothers Marcel and Raymond Privat, whose old-fashioned shepherding methods and primitive farming techniques lead them into contention with their younger nephew and his 'outsider' wife from Calais. READ MORE

On My Way

Directed by Emmanuelle Bercot | Written by Emmanuelle Bercot
When a woman in her sixties is suddenly abandoned by her lover and left in charge of a failing family business, she goes for a drive to clear her head but ends up on a road trip in search of something better. READ MORE


Directed by Eric Rochant | Written by: Eric Rochant
A Russian intelligence agent is sent to Monaco to monitor a finiancial tycoon suspected of fraudulant accounting. He recruits Alice, a financial wiz and a stunning beauty, as a mole in the tycoon's empire. READ MORE


Directed by Roger Michell | Written by Hanif Kureishi
During a two-day escapade, diffident, wistful Nick and demanding, take-charge Meg careen from harmony to disharmony to resignation and back again as they take stock of half a lifetime of deep tenderness -- and even deeper regret. READ MORE

OSS 117: Lost in Rio

Directed by Michel Hazanavicius | Written by Jean-François Halin and Michel Hazanavicius
OSS 117, is the French spy considered by his superiors to be the best in the business. READ MORE

Blood Ties

Directed by Guillaume Canet | Written by Guillaume Canet and James Gray
Fifty year-old Chris has just been released on good behavior after several years in prison following a gangland murder. Waiting for him reluctantly outside the prison gates is his younger brother, Frank, a cop with a bright future. READ MORE

Ernest & Celestine

Directed by Benjamin Renner, Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier| Written by Daniel Pennac
Ernest & Celestine, an French chidlren's animation, tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a bear, Ernest, and a young mouse named Celestine. READ MORE

2 Autums, 3 Winters

Directed by Sébastien Betbeder | Written by Sébastien Betbeder
Over the course of two autumns and three winters, Arman, Amélie and Benjamin share the moments, accidents, love stories and memories that will define who they are. READ MORE

Crime Insiders

Directed by Frédéric Schoendoerffer | Written by Frédéric Schoendoerffer
Paris, city of lights, city of nights. The brutal world of Parisian organized crime, where aging mob boss Claude Corti rules over his pack of power-hungry thugs with an iron fist. In this empire of fast cars, upscale drugs and expensive women, money is god and Corti’s people are always rewarded for their devotion. But when they disobey, he makes them wish for death. Power and money, however, cannot buy trust. A stylish, brutally realistic and intensely violent glimpse inside the ruthless, Parisian underworld. READ MORE


Directed by Costa-Gavras | Written by Costa-Gavras, Jean-Claude Grumberg, Karim Boukercha, Stéphane Osmont (novel)
From legendary Academy Award-winning writer/director Costa-Gavras (Missing, Z) comes Capital, a fast-paced, darkly comic, suspenseful drama set in the high stakes world of global finance. READ MORE

The Missing Picture

Directed by Rithy Panh| Written by Rithy Panh
The Missing Picture recounts director Rithy Panh's firsthand experience of his family and friends' suffering at the hands of Pol Pot's communist regime. It tells how citizens were rounded up and taken to labor camps and how personal effects were destroyed. READ MORE

Fin Décembre

Directed by Moez Kamoun | Written by Moez Kamoun
Aicha lives in a remote Tunisian mountain top village and dreams of a better life. After promising her the world, her boyfriend disappears and leaves her in a state of confusion and despair. A meeting with a young Tunisian immigrant to France may change everything. READ MORE