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A Man in a Hurry

Alain is a business executive who's racing against time. There is no room in his life for leisure or family. After a massive stroke, Alain wakes up in a hospital, where it is quickly determined that he has sustained significant loss of language and memory. Jeanne, a young speech therapist, is assigned to help him re-learn, as a child learns, how to speak and how to put himself back together. As he recovers, he begins to see that he has let a whole section of his life slip through his fingers. But he also finds that all is not lost, that he can make up for lost time, especially with his daughter.

Available on VoD on July 1st!

A Man in a Hurry
Director: Hervé Mimran
Written by: Hervé Mimran and Hélène Fillières  
Actors: Fabrice Luchini, Leïla Bekhti, Rebecca Marder
Runtime: 100 minutes
Language: French
Distributors: Gaumont