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The Wolf's Call

Directed by writer-director and former diplomat Antonin Baudry, The Wolf's Call is an exciting debut feature. Nicknamed the “Golden Ear”, a young man possesses the rare talent of being able to identify every sound he hears in the sea. Aboard a French nuclear submarine, everything depends on him. However, his infallible reputation is scarred after a mistake puts the lives of the whole crew at risk. Determined to win back his comrades’ trust, he leads them into even more precarious waters. In a world filled with disinformation and with nuclear war on the line, they find themselves caught in a crisis spiraling rapidly out of control.

The Wolf's Call / Le chant du loup
Written and directed by Antonin Baudry 
Cast: François Civil, Omar Sy, Mathieu Kassovitz, Reda Kateb
Year: 2019 
Runtime: 115 mins 
Dsitributed by Netflix 

Available Thursday, June 20 on Netflix