Agnes Varda: From Here to There

Directed by Agnès Varda | Written by Agnès Varda
The much-anticipated follow up to Agnès Varda's The Beaches of Agnes (Les Plages d’Agnès), From Here to There is a five-part documentary series that chronicles the peerless and indefatigable director's travels around the world, meeting friends, artists and filmmakers, for an expansive view of the contemporary art scene. 
Whether in Los Angeles or St. Petersburg, Lisbon or Mexico, Varda finds herself talking with Alexander Sokurov, sharing a meal with sculptor Christian Boltanski and his partner artist Annette Messager, visiting with Chris Marker at his home, or dancing with Manoel de Oliveira. Each encounter is infused with the director’s characteristic insight, inquisitiveness and wonder.
English with French subtitles.
Available on Sundance NOW June 1
Available on iTunes June 3
Available on Amazon Instant, Vudu and Google Play June 13

US Distribution: The Cinema Guild

Agnès Varda: From Here to There (2011)
225 min, Documentary, France
Starring Agnès Varda, Chris Marker and Manoel de Oliveira.

Sunday, June 1, 2014
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