Anna's Gate

Directed by Patrick Dumont & François Hébrard

Anna’s Gate takes us in the life of a child psychiatric hospital in a group of kids with various mental disorders. Without prejudice or judgement, we share the hard, titanic and profound human work that is accomplished daily by caregivers and educators. Through poetic images and music, the documentary reflects the joys and sorrows of those suffering teenagers who are too often misunderstood.

“Captivating and moving” - Le Figaro

It reminds that the young people we’re following are before all children, barely different from others, and that their childhood can and must be beautiful.” - Le Monde

Anna's Gate (France, 2016)
Written By: Patrick Dumont, François Hébrard, Catherine Schwartz
Directed by: Patrick Dumont, François Hébrard
Runtime: 82 min

Patrick Dumont and François Hébrard's film, Anna's Gate, is now available to stream on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

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