Augustine on DVD

Directed by Alice Winocour | Written by Alice Winocour

After a seizure leaves her partially paralyzed,19-year-old illiterate kitchen maid Augustine is sent to a Parisian psychiatric hospital, which specializes in detecting the then-fashionable ailment 'hysteria.' Augustine captures the attention of Dr. Charcot (Vincent Lindon) after a seizure which she appears to enjoy. He begins using her as his principal subject, hypnotizing her in lecture halls as she displays her spectacular fits, eventually blurring the lines between doctor and patient.

US Distribution: Music Box Films

Digital release : September 17, 2013

On Digital, DVD, and Blu-Ray

102 min, France, 2012
With Ange Ruzé, Chiara Mastroianni, Grégoire Colin, Lise Lamétrie, Olivier Rabourdin, Roxane Duran, Soko, Sophie Cattani, Vincent Lindon. 

Monday, September 16, 2013
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