The Chef’s Wife

Directed by Cédric Anger

A film by Cédric Anger

2015, 111 minutes

Written by Cédric Anger

Starring Emmanuelle Devos, Karine Viard, Roschdy Zem

Marithé (Karine Viard) works in a training center and her task is to assist people who are seeking alternative job options. One day, Carole (Emmanuelle Devos) arrives at the center, looking for new professional opportunities. She can no longer stand the pressure of working with her talented Michelin-starred chef husband, Sam (Roschdy Zem), nor does she want to live in his shadow. She has never completed her studies and thus reaches out to Marithé to turn her life around. The two women hit it off immediately, bonding over their desire for change. Both want more out of life in the workplace and in their personal life but both are not sure on how to obtain it. When Marithé meets Sam, she can’t help being attracted to him. Suddenly she has some very personal motives in helping Carole to start over…


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Tuesday, March 15: Vudu, Google Play. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016
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