The Corsican File on Digital

Directed by Alain Berebian | Written by Alain Berebian

For the detective Jack Palmer, finding Ange Leoni to give him documents concerning property he's inherited is just another job, and a straightforward one at that. But it turns out that Leoni lives in Corsica and is a high-ranking member of the independence movement being sought by police. Palmer is convinced that he'll have no trouble carrying out his mission. But shortly after his arrival on the island paradise, he rapidly discovers that nothing happens here the way it does elsewhere. However, he's determined not to give up, but the road that lies ahead is long and tortuous. Traps, insane kidnappings, underhand maneuverings, heroic chases, surprising encounters and explosions abound. Palmer ends up finding Leoni and it's thanks to him that the detective will discover the island's true secrets and a new way of approaching life.

Available on iTunes on December 24, 2013

The Corsican File (L'Enquete Corse) (2004)
92 mins, Comedy
Starring Jean Reno, Christian Clavier

Monday, December 16, 2013
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