Directed by Dominique Benicheti | Written by Dominique Benicheti
This unusual documentary chronicles five years in the silent life of an elderly French couple.

A rare combination of sophisticated movie-making technique (shot in CinemaScope and recorded in stereo) and content that is a veritable ode to the beauty of rural France, the simplicity of daily peasant life, and the nearly wordless intimacy of a lifelong relationship.

Recording over a 5-year period, director Benicheti palpably captures the rhythms and rituals of blacksmith Jules Guiteaux and his wife Félicie as Jules dons wooden clogs and leather apron to begin work in his shop, while Félicie tends a vegetable garden and prepares their meals. Awarded the jury prize at the Locarno Film Festival in 1973 and widely acclaimed around the world, the film nevertheless remained unreleased in the U.S. until now.

French with English subtitles.
Available on iTunes May 27
Available on DVD, Blu-ray, Vudu, and Google Play June 3 

US Distribution: The Cinema Guild

Cousin Jules (1973/2012)
91 min, Documentary, France
Directed and written by Dominique Benicheti

Tuesday, June 3, 2014
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