Directed by Ruben Alves

The Gilded Cage

Original Title: La Cage Dorée

Director: Ruben Alves

Writers: Ruben Alves and Luc-Olivier Veuve

With: Rita Blanco, Joaquim De Almeida, Roland Giraud,  Chantal Lauby

Run Time 90 min.

For thirty years now Maria and José Ribeiro have been living on the ground floor of a Haussmannian building in one of the most exclusive districts of Paris. Everybody loves this nice couple of Portuguese immigrants, Mario for being a topnotch caretaker, José, a construction site supervisor by trade, for helping to do all kinds of jobs in the house. So, the day Maria and José announce their wish to return to Portugal, everybody is crushed. No, they just can't let them do a thing like that...!

US Distributor: Under The Milky Way

Available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play September 22, 2015.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
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