Hotel du Paradis

Directed by Claude Berne | Written by Claude Berne

In Hotel du Paradis, a haven of solidarity for all the abandoned, two lives meet: Paul, 50, at the end of the line, who only sees his children every other weekend, and Marie, 35, who returns 15 years later carrying a secret. The drama does not limit itself ; it also includes elements of dark comedy which provide reprises from the dramatic deroulement.  The film questions the genres of life as very different members of society interact in the hotel, described by Telerama as "a precarious island on a forgotten street." 

Available on iTunes July 8th

US Distribution: Under the Milky Way

Hotel du Paradis (2012)
113 minutes, Drama, France, 2012
With Caroline Ducy and Zirek

Tuesday, July 8, 2014
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