Lila Says on VOD

Directed by Ziad Doueiri | Written by Chimo (Book), Ziad Doueiri, Mark Lawrence and Joelle Touma

This is the erotic tale of Lila, a gorgeous teenage girl who has just moved with her rather strange aunt, into a poor neighborhood in Marseilles. The two leaders of the suburb's main gang fall in love with Lila. One is the film's poetic narrator, Chimo; the other is Mouloud, a headstrong punk. One day, Lila dares Chimo to look up her skirt -- if he can handle it -- and by doing so, puts into motion a sequence of raw, devastating events. The resulting romantic triangle reveals the dangers in sexual game playing. 

Available on VOD on Eurocinema thru November 30, 2013

US Distribution: Samuel Goldwyn Films

Lila Says (2004)
89 min, crime, drama, romance 
Starring Vahina Giocante, Moa Khouas, Karim Ben Haddou 

Thursday, November 21, 2013
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