The Little Bedroom

Directed by Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond | Written by Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond

When Edmond (Michel Bouquet), a man quickly facing the loss of his independence, is placed in a care facility after taking a bad fall, he discovers that his son has sold his apartment. Determined to reclaim his autonomy, he leaves the care facility with Rose (Florence Loiret Caille), an empathetic nurse still suffering from the loss of her unborn child.  She takes him into her home to allow him the measure of freedom he deserves. Through this new living situation they develop a bond, which helps themboth move forward with their lives. However, the unlikely friends must face the consequences when Edmond is reported missing.

The Little Bedroom (2010)
French with English subtitles
Available on DVD December 9
Coming to Itunes, Amazon Instant, Vimeo shortly after

87 min | Drama
Michel Bouquet & Florence Loiret Caille

US Distribution: Cinema Libre Studio

Tuesday, December 9, 2014
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