Directed by Benoît Philippon
Lullaby For Pi
Director: Benoît Philippon
Writers: Benoît Philippon
With: Rupert Friend, Clémence Poésy, Matt Ward
With his striking good-looks and sensual singing voice, blues-jazz singer Tom could have any woman. But the only woman this lovelorn widower wants is his deceased wife. Unable to let go, he spends his nights in the hotel room where they first met, waiting for her phone call that will never come. He hardly sees anyone except his best friend George the hotel desk clerk, until a beautiful and mysterious woman seeking refuge, Pi, ends up locking herself up in Tom’s hotel room’s bathroom. Though he never thought he would sing again, he finds himself singing to her through the door, and thus blossoms a romance in the most unexpected of places…
US Distributor: Under the Milky Way
Available on ITunes and Amazon February 8th, 2016
Monday, February 8, 2016
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