My Father’s Guests (Les invités de mon père)

Directed by Anne Le Ny | Written by Anne Le Ny and Luc Béraud
Eighty years old retired doctor Lucien has a big personality. He is and has always been a man of action, famous for his defense of women’s rights and family planning. Nowadays, Lucien stands up for the rights of illegal immigrants. And his commitment is such that, without telling his family, he has just married young and flashy Tatiana to protect her from deportation. But his daughter Babette, and his son Arnaud soon realize that the old man has fallen in love with the gorgeous yet self-interested Eastern European woman. The family dynamics suddenly dive into a chaos...
DVD, Blu-Ray 
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US Distribution: UGC Distribution

Les invités de mon père (2010)
100 min, Comedy, France
Starring Fabrice Luchini, Karin Viard and Michel Aumont
Tuesday, May 20, 2014
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