Directed by Robert Besson | Written by: Robert Besson

In Paris, the lonely and anguished pickpocket Michel lives in a dirty little room and spends his time stealing wallets and purses in public spaces. His only friends are Jacques, who tries to help him to find a job, and his mother's next door neighbor Jeanne. After the death of his mother, Michel teams-up with two small time thieves despite the permanent surveillance of the local police inspector. Later he travels overseas to get rid of the observation of the police, but two years later he returns to Paris and finds Jeanne alone, with her son with Jacques after a brief love affair. Michel decides to help her and find an honest job; but in a horse race, he is tempted by his addiction with tragic consequences.

French with English Subtitles
Available on Blu-Ray and DVD
US Distributor: Criterion

Pickpocket (1959)
75 Min, Crime Drama, France
With Martin La Salle, Marika Green, Jean Pélégri

Tuesday, July 15, 2014
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