Remake on Digital

Directed by Antoine de Caunes | Written by Antoine de Caunes

Alice d'Abanville, an immensely famous London stage actress, and Louis Ruinard, a cult French film director, are two extraordinary personalities. They were the most strikingly glamorous couple of the 70s. But this legendary pair hasn't seen each other in thirty years. In fact, they've done all they can not to see each other since their abrupt, incomprehensible separation. Alice doesn't want to see Louis again. Louis is captivated by her all over again. What do you do with the great love of your life thirty years later when you no longer have anything in common?

Available on iTunes January 7, 2014

US Distribution: Under the Milky Way

Désaccord Parfait (Remake) (2006)

91 min, Comedy

Starring Charlotte Rampling, Jean Rochefort, Isabelle Nanty

Thursday, December 19, 2013
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