Directed by Philippe Garrel

A new film by one of France's most acclaimed filmmakers, Philippe Garrel (Regular Lovers, Jealousy), In the Shadow of Women is a close look at infidelity—not merely the fact of it, but the particular, divergent ways in which it’s experienced and understood by men and women.
Stanislas Merhar (Dry Cleaning, Almayer's Folly) and Clotilde Courau (La Vie en Rose, Élisa) are Pierre and Manon, a married couple working in fragile harmony on Pierre’s documentary film projects. When Pierre takes a lover and Manon finds out, how do each react to the situation and towards each other? The result is an in-depth exploration of intimacies and emotional ecologies.

"Critics' Pick! In the high-contrast, black-and-white, wide-screen images, Garrel captures creative and erotic passions with a spontaneous classicism and a monumental poise."The New Yorker

IN THE SHADOW OF WOMEN (L'ombre des Femmes)
Directed by: Philippe Garrel
Starring: Stanislas Merhar, Clotilde Courau
Year: 2017
Runtime: 73 mins
In French with English subtitles

> DVD released by Distrib Films US and Icarus Films on August 8, 2017.

Thursday, July 20, 2017