Sister on DVD

Directed by Ursula Meier | Written by Antoine Jaccoud & Ursula Meier

A young boy from the Swiss Alps resorts to stealing in order to survive, and finds his relationship with his erratic older sister growing increasingly strained in this desolate yet picturesque character study from director Ursula Meier. Simon and his sister live in a small apartment beneath a popular ski resort in the Swiss Alps. Their parents nowhere to be found, Simon resorts to stealing expensive ski equipment from wealthy vacationers, and turning it around at a tidy profit. But lately Simon has been growing increasingly attached to the staff and the guests at the resort, a development that begins to place a heavy burden on his relationship with his irresponsible older sister and guardian.

Available on DVD on December 31, 2013

US Distributor: Adopt Films

Sister (2012)
97 mins, Psychological Drama
Starring Léa SeydouxLéa SeydouxKacey Mottet KleinKacey Mottet Klein

Monday, December 16, 2013
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