Trader Games (KRACH)

Directed by Fabrice Genestal Written by Fabrice Genestal and Paul Besson

Erwan, a trader at a major New York bank, bets, plays and wins. But he wants more, always more. When he comes across an article about climatology in a scientific review, he has an intuition about a correlation between climatic variations and stock market flows. Convinced that he's got hold of a magical formula that will make him the master of the financial markets, he persuades Sybille, the scientist author of the article, to develop a model of his vision and to create a hedge fund. Initially reticent, she then lets herself be persuaded to follow him. Erwan ends up caught in a game where any tactic is allowed...

English with French subtitles.
Available on iTunesAmazon, Vudu 

US Distribution: Cine Nomine/Versus Productions

Trader Games (2010)
85 min, France
Starring Vahina Giocante, Gilles Lellouche, Charles Berling

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
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