Two Men In Manhattan on DVD

Directed by Jean Pierre-Melville | Written by Jean Pierre-Melville

It's a place where loyalty and betrayal are as linked as day and night. In his best-known features, questions of morality and professional ethics play out within criminal enterprises or during wartime. "Two Men" stands out for its focus on journalism as a testing ground for the human soul.

Melville plays Agence France-Presse correspondent Moreau, whose natty bow tie can't disguise his mournful hangdog gaze. He's paired with a second protagonist, or antihero: another Frenchman working in New York, whom he enlists to help him find a missing U.N. delegate. The alcoholic news photographer Delmas is as well acquainted as Moreau with the city's back alleys and boîtes, but they differ when it comes to the matter of scruples, a word that Delmas spits out with every ounce of derision he can muster.

As they press through the American night and its netherworld, the film subtly, brilliantly shifts focus from Moreau to Delmas, with Pierre Grasset capturing everything that's despicable, captivating and heartbreaking in the man.

US Distribution: Cohen Media Group

Digital release : September 17, 2013

On DVD and Blu-Ray

Two Men In Manhattan
84 min, France, 1959
With Pierre Grasset, Jean-Pierre Melville, Michèle Bailly, Jean Darcante, Christiane Eudes, Ginger Hall, Monique Hennessy, Jean Lara, Jerry Mengo

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
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