Directed by Maurice Pialat
Film Comment has dubbed VAN GOGH, and WE WON'T GROW OLD TOGETHER “among the finest films made in France or any other country in the last half century”.
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VAN GOGH | 1991

Written by Maurice Pialat
Directed by Maurice Pialat
With Jacques Dutronc, Alexandra London, Bernard Le Coq
After leaving the asylum, Vincent Van Gogh settles in Auvers-sur-Oise, in the home of Doctor Gachet, an art lover and patron. Vincent keeps painting amidst the conflicts with his brother Theo and the torments of his failing mental health. He has an affair with Marguerite, his hosts daughter. However, she soon realizes that he doesn’t love her and that his heart beats only for his art.

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​Originally titled Nous ne viellirons pas ensemble
Written by Maurice Pialat
Directed by Maurice Pialat
With Marlene Jobert, Jean Yanne, Patrizia Pierangeli
Jean has been married to Francoise for years, but his relationship with his wife has been all but over for a long time. She's hardly ever around, always traveling to Russia for work, and she drifts in and out of the film as well, reflecting the ephemeral nature of their marriage. A brutal dissection of a deeply dysfunctional affair, part autobiography, part universal tale.
Rent for only 99c on iTunes until December 31st!
Tuesday, December 1, 2015
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